English speaker, welcome !


You'll find here all the general information about the Yggdrasil festival: presentation, access, guests...


If you are interested in being part of the adventure you'll also find the inscription forms for exponents and troups.


Here we go !



First of all, what is Yggdrasil ?

It is a travel through space and time, among several words and eras :

Middle Age, Renaissance, Viking but also Fantasy, Steampunk, Sorcery or Space Opera...


Twice a year, our fabulous universes are sprouting out of the ground for our greatest pleasure !


Shows, games, activities, cosplay competition and craft market... What else can you ask ?


Yggdrasil Indoor



For its very first edition in February 2019,

Yggdrasil Indoor has hosted 14.000 visitors !


King's Cross, the sorcery world,

Camelot, the medieval world,

Nautilus, the steampunk world

and Sherwood, the fantasy world,

have all been delighted to welcome you !


See you in 2020 !


Do you want an overview of the next edition ?

Have a look to the press pack !




The Quest log

Little brother of the passport, the quest log is an optionnal game based on the same principle :

Having fun and be sure to enjoy the whole festival !


Chase mysterious characters, participate to the activities, explore the craft market and win sympathetic prizes by completing the quests !



 Are you ready for the adventure ?


Eurexpo - Access

With public transportation :


From Part-Dieu TGV station (sortie Alpes) : 30 min

Tramway T3 down to Vaulx-en-Velin La Soie, then Navettes Direct Eurexpo (bus n°100)


From Lyon Centre : 30 min

Metro D down to Grange Blanche then Tramway T5 down to Eurexpo


From Lyon-St Exupéry airport and TGV station : 35 min

Rhônexpress down to Vaulx-en-Velin La Soie, then Navettes Direct Eurexpo (Ligne 100)


By car :


From Lyon : Porte Ouest Visiteurs

A43, sortie Eurexpo

Boulevard de l'Europe

69680 Chassieu


From Paris/Genève : Porte Nord Visiteurs

A46 (Rocade Est), sortie n°8 : Eurexpo Visiteurs

Rue Marius Berliet

69680 Chassieu


From Chambéry/Grenoble : Porte Sud Visiteurs

A46 (Rocade Est), sortie n°10 : Eurexpo Visiteurs

Boulevard des Expositions

 69680 Chassieu

How do I get my ticket ?

The ticket office is in preparation, be a bit more patient please !

Yggdrasil in September


That nice guy will celebrate its 5 years in next September 2019 !


In the fresh air you'll find all your favorite worlds:

Middle Age






Space Opera


Don't forget your passport, your trip through the universes begins !


You can't wait to see what's gonna happen ?

Maybe you should download the press pack...

The Passport

With a passport, while supporting our association, you’ll be able to chase the characters and the members of the Commerce Guild, to enjoy the activities and to get discounts in some booths !


But more than, that you'll win the Yggdrasil exclusive goodies...


Catch them all !

Parc Chambovet - Access

With public transportation :


C8 bus bound for "Vaulx-en-Velin Résistance", get off at "Parc Chambovet". 


By car :


You will find the entrance at the following adress :

Place Charles Dufraine 69003 LYON 


Please note that the car park is pretty small and is really useful for the volonteers and the animators. We ask our dear visitors to kindly come in another way.


Free entrance !